Human Centered Business Model

Professor Eva Andrés Aucejo, a member of the TransJus, has been nominated “Consultant” for the World Bank, in the Human Centered Business Model Project, developed by the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (GFLJD).

Dr. Eva Andrés Aucejo, researcher for the Human Centered Business Model, has engaged in various activities to support the work of the Secretariat of the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (GFLJD) in collaboration with TransJus, which was initiated and supported by the LEGVP of the World Bank. These activities included contributions to the development of a set of provisions and indicators on economic and fiscal principles for the Human Centered Business Model, which was presented at the University of Barcelona Law School last June:

In particular, Dr. Andrés developed a background paper entitled “Fiscal and Economic incentives for companies developing an alternative approach to doing business: The Fiscal Pillar (IV) of the Human-Centered Business Model Project”, as a result of her researches during her stay at the World Bank Headquarters, in Washington D.C. The studies of Professor Eva Andrés have deserved the “Impressive Works” consideration by the Legal Vice-Presidency of the World Bank. English and Spanish versions of her work will be published. The Spanish version will be included as a working paper of TransJus and will be available soon in its web page: